Tips & Advice

Selecting Entertainment

We encourage our prospective clients to check out other bands and entertainers and make an informed decision for their big day. Be sure to ask about the entire reception and exactly how they cover it. If the event goes from 6pm – 12am (the most common timeframe), what time does the band actually play from? If they only book for a 4-hour block, say 8pm – 12am, what happens from 6pm – 8pm? You may be required to hire additional services for that part of the evening, driving your cost up. We include 6 full hours in our package, which includes a Jazz Group for cocktail hour, MC services for grand intros, toasts, cake cutting, etc, and an actual live DJ for dinner and between band sets. That way, from the moment the doors open until the second the lights come up at the end of the night, we have you covered with great entertainment.

Think about the experience you want!
Having live entertainment, especially in today’s environment, does not mean you must settle for the cliché “wedding band”. If you hire a DJ, he/she can play every song you want to hear, including all of today’s current hits. Most bands cannot do this, or if they say they can, you will want to see them performing these songs. Having the ability to play the REAL dance music you want, today’s hits from the Top 40, Hip Hop, Modern Rock genre’s, is very important!! And even more so, not looking “cheesy” when performed. Our front lines are young, hip, trendy entertainers who can pull off not only the old-school Motown, disco, funk, etc, but also EVERYTHING from today including Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Pink, Usher, Taylor Swift, etc. We love this music, and are very passionate about our ability to play them in a way you will truly enjoy!!

What exactly will you be charged for?
Does the entertainer you’re considering have an all-inclusive package? Or do they charge for extras? We are seeing more and more companies charge for things like “upgraded PA”, learning songs and even for extra meetings!! Our packages include EVERYTHING you’ll need for the entire event. The only time you will ever see our contract price change is if you decide to change the scope of the event (more hours, more services, etc). Otherwise, you are covered!!!

The “Unmentioned Extras”
When you hire The DRB, you get SO MUCH more than just 4 hours of music. You get a band that is passionate and dedicated to making each and every show unique and memorable. We’ll learn songs just for your event. You will work directly with the band leader from the moment you sign a contract until the last song ends and we’ll consider each and every part of the night and how we can make it PERFECT for you. We’ll get to know you personally and incorporate any extra touches that will help you enjoy the event more. We’ll go the extra mile and do whatever is necessary, and by the end of the night you will absolutely be happy with your decision to let us be a part of your event. This is our commitment to you, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!

The best option is to go see your prospective band live somewhere. We LOVE to meet our prospective clients, and welcome the opportunity to have you out to see us. We will sit down and answer any questions you may have, and also play any requests you’d like to hear!!

1 Crazy In Love (Beyonce) // Promo
  1. 1 Crazy In Love (Beyonce) // Promo
  2. American Boy (Estelle) // Promo
  3. Fly Me To The Moon (Frank Sinatra) // Promo
  4. Hot In Herre (Nelly) // Promo
  5. Just Dance / Poker Face (Lady Gaga) // Promo
  6. Make You Feel My Love (Adele) // Promo
  7. Motown Medley // Promo
  8. Prince Medley // Promo
  9. Proud Mary (Tina Turner) // Promo
  10. Shake Your Body Down (The Jacksons) // Promo
  11. Smooth (Santana) // Promo
  12. Sweet Home Alabama / All Summer Long (Lynyrd Skynyrd/Kid Rock) // Promo
  13. What I Got (Sublime) // Promo