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Our Process


The initial discovery process is just that. Your opportunity to learn about The DRB prior to your first contact with us. We’ve worked hard to provide our prospective clients with as much info as possible via this website, our Facebook page, our Twitter page, and our YouTube channel. We want you to see us, hear us, and learn everything you need to know to feel comfortable booking with us. If you’re a bride, a corporate event planner, or just throwing a fun party, you have many choices out there, and we want to make it as easy as possible to pick us to provide entertainment for your event!!


Once we’ve finalized the formal agreements, it’s time to become friends and start preparing for your big day. We encourage you to come out as often as possible to our many public appearances. You can always find out where we’ll be via our online calendar. Bring friends and family out and party with us whenever you can. This allows us to not only get to know you better, but also to learn more about what types of music you like, specific songs that get you dancing, and maybe even a few tidbits of info we can incorporate into our show! Ultimately, it’s all about what we can do for YOU to make your event more memorable, unique, remarkable and of course FUN!


About a month or so prior to your event, we’ll be in contact to set up a final meeting to discuss all the details. This meeting is extremely important as it allows us to walk through each element of the event and determine how we’ll handle them for you. If it is a wedding, we’ll discuss which songs to play for the Grand Introductions, when each element will happen, which songs you’ll be dancing to, etc. If it is a corporate event, we’ll discuss announcements, structure, appropriate music, etc. Coming out of this meeting, we’ll have everything we need to come in and do a spectacular job for you!


Obviously the biggest piece to the whole process is the actual performance. The DRB is made up of extremely professional and experienced musicians and performers who take great pride in putting out the best possible show each and every time we take the stage. You will get nothing short of our full, 110% effort from the first note to the last.


After our performance, it is important for us to get feedback from our clients so we can make sure we lived up to the expectations you had for us. And if there are any other opportunities to perform for you, we hope there is no hesitation or doubt in your mind about booking us again!

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